South Australian Maritime Museum 


The South Australian Maritime Museum is Australia’s premier maritime museum. Our collection ranges from modern small craft to historic paddle steamers and tall ships. Our collection also includes warships, missiles and submarines. The South Australian Maritime Museum is a small museum located near the waterfront in Port Adelaide, South Australia. It is home to a collection of shipping artifacts, nautical history, maritime art, and maritime research. There is a small admissions fee, but free guided tours are also available. The museum is open all year round.

The light house was a dioptric light, cast iron tower on a timber base, made by Chance Brothers of Birmingham. It was shipped out to South Australia in parts and arrived in May 1859, then erected on the site at Port Adelaide in 1859. The South Australian Maritime Museum houses the world’s oldest surviving lighthouse, the Port Adelaide Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1859, and became operational in 1860. It is constructed of limestone, with a foundation of granite. The original light was a kerosene lamp, which was replaced with an electric bulb in 1912. The lighthouse has been automated since 1980.

The South Australian Maritime Museum runs a wide Variety of Temporary Exhibits for Maritime History and Culture. The Museum also contains a number of permanent Exhibits. Temporary Exhibits in South Australian Maritime Museum The South Australian Maritime Museum is a delight for all ages, with a huge range of regular exhibits as well as visiting displays that are brought in from around Australia. During your visit you can see the history of South Australian Shipping and shipwrecks, displays on marine life and a massive collection of maritime artefacts and ship models. You can also see a variety of vessels including the first submarines to be used for the Royal Australian Navy and South Australian Fisheries boats. The Maritime Museum is open every day from 10.30am – 5.00pm and is a great place for the whole family.

The South Australian Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide permanently holds a range of collections in a variety of categories including ship models and relics, ship plans and maps, ship timbers and figureheads, nautical instruments, nautical art, maritime art and models and maritime photos.

The Deep Sea Conservation and Education Centre is a purpose-built aquarium and museum in South Australia. It houses a collection and displays covering all aspects of the marine environment and conservation. The South Australian Maritime Museum is located at Port Adelaide and was established in 1990. It was the first maritime museum in Australia. The museum displays the history of South Australia in relation to the sea. The museum is located on the site of the former Semaphore Gaol where prisoners were transferred from the prison to ships that were moored at Outer Harbor. The newly formed museum has many artifacts which were transferred from the Maritime Museum of South Australia and the popular Torrens Maritime Museum.