Pirate Life Brewing 


Pirate Life Brewing in South Australia, is the brainchild of three friends who love beer. In 2015, they opened the first Pirate Life brewery and tap house in Adelaide, and last year they expanded to Port Augusta, where they’ve opened a second tap room. Now, you can tour their brewery, enjoy one of their beers, and sample some tasty food.

Pirate Life Brewing is a new brewer in South Australia. The brewery opened their first brewery at the Port Adelaide wharf in July 2017. The first beer they launched was the Pirate Life IPA, which has a crisp and bitter tasting flavour. The label on the bottle shows a female pirate tap her feet on an anchor—the pirate home. Space of Pirate Life Brewing beer was born in 2016 when two home brewer friends decided to take their hobby to the next level. Their ultimate goal was to brew beer of the highest quality and make it available to as many people as possible. With this spirit in mind, the South Australia based brewery has been growing steadily and is now available throughout Australia and in select overseas markets. Space of Pirate Life is a South Australian micro brewery founded in 2014 by Chris and Jen Croft, who previously worked for Little Creatures and BrewDog. The brewery is based in the Adelaide suburb of Hackney, which was named after the original name of the London borough of Hackney, a source of inspiration for the brewery’s branding.

Space of Pirate Life produces a range of beers. Their beers besides flagship beers include Jura, named after the Jura region of France, a source of inspiration for the beer, and a French Double IPA called Dunny Dunker. They also produce a unique range of beers called the “Single Batch Series”, which is available in limited quantities.

Pirate Life Brewing has been a big hit in Adelaide and around Australia. The brewery uses a 4 vessel system with a 20HL Braumeister for mashing, 20HL Braumeister for boiling, 20HL Braumeister for whirlpool and a 20HL Braumeister for fermenting. They have a KHS keg washer and fill 625 kegs per week with KHS kegs. The brewery has a KHS refrigerator and serves beer from a 150HL Braumeister 3 vessel system. This is the list of equipment used by Pirate Life Brewing in Port Adelaide in South Australia. They have a small brewery with a few fermenters and a bright tank. They don’t use any gas in the brewery so everything is electric or steam heated. The brewery uses malt from Dennings and Fawcett, hops from America and New Zealand, and yeast from Fermentis. The brewery uses Saphir barley from France, and the brewery uses Australian water from a specialist plant.

Branding, visual styling, and art direction for the interior and exterior of Pirate Life Brewing in Port Adelaide in South Australia. The brief was to create a craft beer brand that was bold, fun and approachable. The style is bold, friendly, and confident. The brand has a small footprint, using a lot of clever expressions, and a fairly limited colour palette. The identity is built around the character of the founder and the people behind the brand. Conceptual design for a brewery / brew pub / restaurant in Port Adelaide, South Australia. The client wanted a design that was modern, had a vibrant atmosphere and conveyed ideas of the sea. I designed the bar to be a focal point for the space and to be the main attraction with the restaurant dining at street level.

A passion for beer and the unmistakable ability to brew a cracking drop saw Co-founders Paul Thomas and Dave Bonighton take the leap from home brewing to the creation of their own commercial brewery.