Hungry Jack’s Burgers Port Adelaide 


Hungry Jack’s is a fast-food chain in Australia, but you may not know about them. They’ve been around for more than 80 years and countless Australians have grown up eating their delicious burgers. Hungry Jack’s serves a range of burgers, but the most popular is the signature burgers.

Hungry Jack’s Burgers, the first fast-food hamburger joint in Australia, in 1951 opened at Port Adelaide. Hungry Jack’s was named for the founder Jack Thomas, who, in 1939, was working at the Melbourne headquarters of Australian National Railways, and, according to his grandson, Jack Young, “worked on the theory that if you had a hamburger and fries you could travel all day and not have lost any of your energy.”

A number of rival burger brands entered the South Australian burger scene in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, but the only one that remains is Hungry Jack’s. McDonald’s are yet to make an appearance in Adelaide, while Burger King, formerly the biggest rivals to Hungry Jack’s, exited the Australian market in 2013. South Australia – Aussies have a love affair with burgers. There are multiple burger joints throughout Australia but the biggest of the big are Hungry Jack’s, McDonald’s and Red Rooster (a local burger chain).

The first franchise of Hungry Jack’s in Australia was operated by the Bresic family, and it opened in a converted garage in Adelaide’s Hyde Park in 1969. This was followed by stores in South Australia, Western Australia, and Queensland. Then in 1975, the first franchise outside of Australia was opened in Papeete, French Polynesia, in the South Pacific. The first store in New South Wales opened in Sydney in 1977, and this was soon followed by stores in Melbourne. The first store in Canberra was opened in 1981.

The original burger, made from a beef and bacon patty, has been relaunched in the last decade as the “original burger” due to new specifications for Hungry Jack’s burgers. The first Hungry Jack’s restaurant opened its door in 1971, the business was owned and managed by the late David Evans, its first store was located at 17-19 Queen Street, Adelaide. The business did not do very well in the beginning. In fact, the first store was shut down. David Evans was not going to give up just like that. He came back with a more ambitious plan and opened the second store in Glenelg in 1972, which was a success.

Hungry Jack’s Burgers in South Australia have been found to have traces of horse meat in their products. The fast-food chain has recalled minced meat products after failing to pass tests for equine DNA. This news is on top of the recent news that the contaminated products have been found in the UK, Ireland, France and Sweden.

The first Hungry Jack’s store in South Australia was established in the Adelaide suburb of Goodwood in 1991. Its menu was similar to that of other Australian Hungry Jack’s stores, but due to the relatively small size of the outlet and lack of seating facilities, the store was branded Hungry Jack’s Take Away. The store had been designed to also include a drive-through service. However, the Goodwood Council had stipulated that no drive-through facilities were to be included in the design, due to the proximity of other fast food outlets in the area

Some time ago I was making a road trip from my hometown Canberra toward Adelaide, South Australia. It was a long drive, and I had to stop around lunchtime somewhere in the middle of nowhere to recharge. I had heard that Hungry Jack’s was a burger chain with a good reputation, and I had always wanted to try it, so I pulled into the closest one. When I got inside to order, I was a little surprised to see that they had a separate drive-through menu. But I thought maybe the drive-through was only for kids’ meals or something, so I ordered a couple regular burgers, and I parked up front to wait for my food. Outback Jack’s uses a range of cleaning products to achieve a high standard of cleanliness across its restaurants. These products are sourced from reputable suppliers who comply with all industry standards.

Hungry Jack’s has been voted Australia’s favourite fast food outlet for the ninth year in a row. And judging by the cleanliness of their facilities, the popularity is well deserved. Judging by the cleanliness of their facilities, the popularity is well deserved. Many outlets have won awards for their spotless kitchens, and their staff are given regular training in service and food safety. The company has also developed an extensive food safety program that is recognised by the Australian Food Safety Information Council.

Hungry Jack’s Burgers, the Australian restaurant chain, is famous for its commercials in which a deceptively polite, clean restaurant manager warns that he will get angry and smash things up if his kitchen is not clean. In reality, the company has for years maintained extremely high standards for cleanliness in their restaurants. In 1999, a study by the Australian Food Authority found that Hungry Jack’s had the cleanest restaurant kitchens of the major chains.