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Concrete grinding is an excellent cost-conscious alternative to concrete polishing.

It is regularly used in warehouses, food production facilities, factories and other industrial facilities.

It’s an incredibly popular flooring choice for commercial uses, but so to homes and recreational uses. 

Concrete grinding is like polishing, except some of the final steps are not executed. And for this reason, grinded concrete doesn’t have the same high-sheen lustre as you see with polished concrete and not nearly as much of the aggregate is able to be seen (commonly called ‘salt and pepper’ exposed aggregate!).

You will have seen grind and seal polished concrete used for car parking lots. And chances are you have seen it in homes on an increasingly regular basis.

Advantages of Polished Concrete Grind & Seal


  • Polished concrete finish but aggregate not visible
  • Durable & robust finish
  • Low maintenance. Little upkeep required.
  • Lower cost alternative
  • Anti-bacterial protection
  • Come in slip-resistant sealant

Concrete grinding is sealed, and we can use a gritted sealant if you’d prefer a more rugged, slip-resistant finish. If you’re after polished concrete that focuses more on function over style, grinding and sealing is perfect for the job.

It strengthens the flooring, is more resistant to penetration and abrasives, cheaper than polishing, and requires much less maintenance.

Our locally based team of concrete polished floor professionals get hired for work all over South Australia.

What Is Grind & Seal Polished Concrete?


The term grinding and sealing refers to grinding back layers of the concrete and then using a topical sealant or surface coating to provide a polished concrete finish. It differs from mechanically polished concrete in a few key areas. The main difference is the installation process. For one, grinding and sealing systems are far less labor-intensive than polishing concrete.

With mechanical polished concrete, the shine and abrasion resistance come from the concrete itself. We apply chemical hardeners in between layers of polishing. The higher the diamond polishing grit we finish the floor to will depend on the desired level of shine. This process can involve 10 – 15 individual steps and is costly and labor-intensive.

For grind and seal, the shine and durability come from the topical sealant or concrete coating applied at the end of the grinding process. Once we grind back the concrete to expose the level of aggregate you require, patch and repair cracks and holes, carry out a finer grind to smooth the floor, all that is left to do is apply the coating. Grinding and sealing is generally cheaper to do initially and takes far less time than mechanical polished concrete. As a result, it’s a fantastic option if you’re on a budget and don’t have a lot of time to install flooring.

More Benefits Grind & Seal Polished Concrete…


One of the main appeals of a grind and seal polished concrete floor is its versatility. Unlike mechanical polished concrete, grind and seal is popular in both indoor and outdoor areas.

That’s because you can add a slip-resistant agent to coating application to create a non slip polished concrete floor. Not only that but grind and seal polished floors have a high stain resistance in comparison to other polished concrete finishes.

Grind and seal floors feature a chemically-resistant polyurethane sealer or epoxy coating. You can easily clean away oil, grease, and other liquids that would significantly damage other floors.

For more information on all of our polished concrete finishes, check out our Polished Concrete page


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”My wife and I got a polished concrete floor for when we moved into our new place. We ripped up the old floorboards. The difference is night and day. The team did such a good job.”


– Mark Chang – Henley Beach

Simple 3 Step Process to Your New Floor 

A typical one week process that is as straightforward as we are.

First, we answer your questions and provide you with all the options that meet your criteria.

Our professionals to an on-site visit to measure and plan the project.

Your new floor is created and it's ready for you to enjoy

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Places Perfectly Suited For Grind & Seal Concrete Floors

Outdoor pool areas.

  • Thanks to the ability to add slip-resistance, grind and seal systems are great for outside. Unlike honed concrete, you can choose your gloss finish on grind and seal systems. That way, you enjoy shiny, reflective concrete outdoors with no fear of slipping. Also, due to their chemical and liquid resistance, you won’t have to worry about liquids pooling up and damaging the concrete.

Indoor/outdoor transition areas.

  • A problem customers have with polished concrete is that it’s hard to stay consistent. That’s because polished concrete is reliant upon the profile of the surface. As you may know, no two concrete slabs are the same. As a result, polished concrete floors can look different from internal and external areas. If you’re all about consistency, grind and seal polished concrete is the way to go! You can even keep a consistent look as you transition from inside to outside.

Offices, homes, and hotels.

  • Grind and seal polished concrete systems work great in all sorts of interior environments. As long as you properly maintain your floors, they can last for decades. A minor drawback is that the topical coating can wear and scratch over time. If your office or warehouse features a ton of traffic, you’ll have to re apply a top coat sealer every few years. If it’s a medium to low traffic area, you’ll only have to re-seal with a top coat every 6-10 years.

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