Somerton Park 


Somerton Park is a suburb in Adelaide, South Australia. The suburb lies approximately 9 km south of the Adelaide Central Business District, and 15 km from the Adelaide city centre. Somerton Park is situated between Inman Valley Road to the northwest and Morphett Street to the southeast and is located in the local government area of the Adelaide Plains Council.

It is a suburb in Adelaide, South Australia, surrounded by the suburbs of Glenelg, Henley Beach, Grange, Port Adelaide Enfield, West Beach, and Woodville West. Somerton Park also has easy access to Glenelg High School and Henley Beach Primary School. The suburb has 3 parks: Somerton Park Square, Somerton Park Square Reserve, and Princes Park Lake. The suburb has a cafe strip on the corner of Franklin Street and Somerton Park Road.

The cemetery and its headstones were added to the South Australian Register of Heritage Places on 15 December 1986. The cemetery was established in 1858 and was consecrated by Bishop Brown of Adelaide on 6 March 1859. The original cemetery was located at the junction of Park Terrace, West Terrace, and Brighton Road, and in 1859, it was moved to the present site, where the remains of the first burials remained. The cemetery was formed from a section of the Somerton Park estate, a large area that stretched from the intersection of Brighton Highway and Charlestown Road in Somerton Park. The land was given to the Church of England by Thomas Clark in 1812, in return for allowing the church to use land in the vicinity.

The South Australian Government is giving local residents access to the North Brighton Cemetery in Somerton Park, for the first time, to mourn the loss of their loved ones.

Beaches in Somerton Park in South Australia are being sold for a bargain price of just $10,000 AUD. The property is located at Somerton Park, a small township of about 600. Somerton Park is a small suburb under the shadow of Adelaide city and by the beach, in Somerton. With the perfect mix of nature, beach, and city it is a haven for everyone. The beach is a great place to go swimming, windsurfing, and fishing. For those who love the outdoors, they also have a large park, with old trees, a playground, and a pavilion. The park also has a picnic facility with barbeque areas, toilets, and a bar.

The Somerton Park Primary School is the only school in the country that teaches kids about the benefits of solar energy. The school has installed a large solar panel system on its roof, which generates as much as 51 percent of its energy needs. The massive array covers an area of more than 6,000m² and has the capacity to bring in up to $10,000 in revenue a year through selling power back to the grid.

School in nearby Somerton Park and its environs has been identified as the main attraction of a new shopping center. The new, 80,000 square meter center, which will be built on the existing car park at the Somerton Park Open Range Zoo and adjacent to the Somerton Park Cattle Station, is expected to be one of the largest shopping centers in Adelaide.

Congregations in the Somerton Park suburb of South Australia are being encouraged to consider an unusual form of worship: Burial in the form of a giant coffin. The coffin has been designed in the shape of a church and is the brainchild of the Somerton Park Community Church, which is looking to recycle old wooden coffins from a nearby funeral home. We have found a selection of churches in Somerton Park, South Australia, including St John’s Anglican Church and the Lutheran Church of Somerton Park.