Morphettville is a town in South Australia, Australia. It lies approximately 23 km south-east of Adelaide’s central business district, and approximately 8 km south-east of Glenelg, South Australia’s main beachside tourist town.

It is a small town located close to Adelaide’s southeastern suburbs, and it holds a fascinating history. Morphettville was named after Sir Edward Morphett, a South Australian pastoralist and parliamentarian, who lent his name to the nearby Morphettville Racecourse. The racecourse has been hosting races since 1852, and Morphettville is also home to the Morphettville Racecourse Hotel.

There are plenty of things to do in Morphettville, South Australia, and with so many national parks, beaches, and interesting attractions, it’s easy to spend a few days there and not do them all.

The Morphettville Hotel was built in 1883 in Morphettville, South Australia. It was built on the site of the original Dore Hotel which was built in 1855. The Dore Hotel was the first purpose-built hotel in Morphettville, which was named after the Morphett family.

Hemlock Cottage was built in 1937 and was the home of the Fontein family until the 1960s. Amongst the family was the late Mrs. Fontein, whose daughter and only child, Mrs. Helen Fontein (née Currie), carried the family name. It was the donation of this house and over one hectare of land to the new community of Morphettville, a suburb of Adelaide, in 1974 by Mrs. Helen Fontein that was the catalyst for the rebirth of Morphettville Cottage. Mrs. Fontein supplied the original furniture, bedding, and all the kitchen equipment including a stove. The property has been maintained by the community since 1974.

Population density is a measurement of how crowded a place is. The population is represented by how many people occupy a square meter of land. The higher the population density, the more crowded the place is. The more crowded a place is, the more likely there are issues that impact the local community.

There’s been a media storm recently about how low the population density of Morphettville South Australia is. It’s a fair thing for the media to highlight because residents of the suburb are so used to it that they have come to think of it as normal.

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The Village in Morphettville South Australia, where I work in the community, is a very small and peaceful milieu. The village is surrounded by a valley with a beautiful river running through it. The Morphettville Golf Club is located at the bottom of the valley, and golfers can enjoy a private 18-hole championship course. There are over thirty recreational walking tracks in the area. There is a local swimming pool in the village and a number of sports clubs.