Dulwich in Adelaide is a quiet suburb that has some nearby tourist attractions. The historic area has an abundance of restaurants, cafes, and pubs, as well as modern shopping centers. Dulwich is also within close proximity to the Adelaide CBD. Dulwich lies 4.3kms from the city and 8.4kms from Adelaide’s central business district. Situated on the border between the Adelaide Hills and the beach, its hilly terrain is dotted with huge trees, native shrubs, and beautifully manicured gardens. The suburb is home to over 5,000 inhabitants and is popular with young families most of the time.

Before the English settled in South Australia in the early 1830s, the Kaurna Aboriginal people lived in the Adelaide region for over 25,000 years. The name of the Kaurna tribe, which was the most powerful tribe in the Adelaide region, is translated as “nose and lip peeling”. The Kaurna people were decimated by the Europeans who settled in the Adelaide region and were forced out of their tribal lands to make way for the settlers. The British settlers named the fertile Adelaide Plains “Dulwich” in 1838, in honor of the London suburb Dulwich. However, the name “Dulwich” was criticized as being too hard to spell and pronounce.

The first white explorers to come to the area were from the French expedition of Nicolas Baudin. They landed at Holdfast Bay in April 1802 and became the first Europeans to encounter the area now known as Dulwich. The expedition moved on, but one of its botanists, Jacques Labillardière, returned to the area in 1803 and collected at Holdfast Bay before leaving the colony for France. He later wrote “the whole country around Adelaide is nothing but a wood”, a remark that helped to give the environs of Adelaide the name of the “burnt country”.

Dulwich is the most populous suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, with a population of approximately 12,500. Dulwich is located in the City of Salisbury, approximately 6km from Central Adelaide. The suburb is surrounded by the suburbs of Salisbury, Edwardstown, Kensington, and Walkerville. The boundaries are from Port Road in the south in the west to Fullarton Road in the east in the north.

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Dulwich is a suburb in Adelaide, South Australia. It is a moderately sized suburb located 11 kilometres north of the Central Business District of Adelaide and is part of the City of Playford. The first name was given to the region by J.R. Cock, a government surveyor in 1839. Cock named the area after the Dulwich area of London. Dulwich is a quiet and peaceful suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. It has a few shopping centres such as Dulwich Village and the Shoppingtown, and an Australian rules football team called the Dulwich Hill Cougars.