Bowden, South Australia is a small rural community located 338 km north of Adelaide. The town was surveyed in 1856 and was settled by the Rev. James Bowden, founder of the Baptist Church in South Australia. By 1857, a post office had been established, and a year later a Wesleyan Methodist Church was also opened.

More than 40 years ago in 1970, Bowden was established as a farming community, with only 22 residents. Today, its population grows to more than 2,000 people and is home to a beautiful golf course, an industrial park, and a golf course, among other attractions. Bowden is accessible from Adelaide via the South Eastern Freeway, and the town has a rich history of producing grapes as well as almonds.

The suburb of Bowden is a vibrant, multicultural, and friendly neighborhood with a wide range of facilities. The Bowden Community Association supports a range of activities and initiatives for the community as well as representing residents on a wide range of issues. The Association also produces a quarterly newsletter providing information and updates regarding community happenings.

Currently, there are no Restaurants in Bowden, South Australia. How can this be you ask? Simple answer, we would love to have a restaurant here but there is no demand. We live in a farming community that is slowly dying. There is nothing in this town and nowhere to go. If you want to be a chef and want to live on a farm you can move here but if you want to open a restaurant then good luck. After the five-star sushi restaurant that opened here and closed down in a year, and the Mediterranean place, and the Italian place, there is no hope. Sorry to say but if you want to open a restaurant here in Bowden, you will fail.

Bowden is a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, located in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. It is approx 11kms from the Adelaide CBD and is surrounded by the suburbs of Semaphore, Birkenhead, Port Adelaide, Largs Bay, Largs North, and Kilkenny. Known for its local eateries (The Bowden Chop House) and historical landmarks, this inner-Adelaide suburb is becoming increasingly popular.

It is a small town in South Australia located just a couple of kilometers north of Adelaide’s city center and about an hour’s drive from the Fleurieu Peninsula. Though it’s not as well-known as some of the state’s other wine regions, Bowden is popular with both locals and tourists. While it has a fairly small population, the area has a large number of small, family-owned wineries alongside larger operations, with numerous cellar doors and wine-related businesses spread throughout the region.

The main pub in Bowden is the Bowden Hotel on Main Street. It has a good beer garden, a wide range of foods, and great food with a local emphasis. While the bar is a bit small and the tables a bit squashed, it is otherwise a very pleasant place to enjoy a beverage or a meal with friends. Across the street from the hotel is the Bowden Bakery which is a little more upmarket but has a couple of tables out the front and a nice selection of coffee and food.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff you can buy in Bowden, SA, and the best thing is that it’s not too expensive. In the suburb of Bowden, you can find old books, antiques, and furniture. There are also art galleries and a few second hand shops. The Bowden Market is held every Sunday. The market is a great place to purchase plants, vegetables, clothing, and bric-a-brac. You can also find second-hand books, vinyl records, and furniture.

Bowden’s a small town in South Australia, north of Adelaide. It’s a funky little place, with a lot of cool shops and boutique eateries. Below are some of the coolest things I’ve seen for sale there.

Some super-colorful wallets are available from the Bowden Street Traders ‘ pop-up shop. These giant spool-shaped things. Nobody was sure what they were for. This cool toy robot. It’s pretty much a giant replica of the MFB toy robot from the original Lost in Space series. It even made the same beeping noise.