Mount Torrens 


The Mount Torrens is a hill, 563 meters above sea level, in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia, 5 kilometers east of the suburb of Munno Para. Its summit, Torrens Hill, is 71 meters above sea level. The hill forms the dominant natural feature of Adelaide’s northern suburbs. Mount Torrens stands 1,952 meters (6,367 feet) high, but climbing to the top isn’t recommended unless you have plenty of experience. A safer option would be to take the train ride (or walk) up to the top and enjoy the sweeping views from the lookout. It’s quite the task, though. The climb to the top takes around four hours, but it’s worth every minute, as you’ll experience spectacular views of the Adelaide River, the Adelaide Hills, and as far as the Barossa Valley on the other side of the city.

Mount Torrens is a peak in the Mount Lofty Ranges in South Australia. It is a large granite outcrop in the centre of the currently inactive Mount Torrens volcano. It has a flat top of about 100 metres diameter with a summit height of 348 metres AHD. Its shape gives rise to interesting light effects. It is a popular place for picnics and sightseeing and is also a venue for rock climbing.

The famous Mount Torrens is located in South Australia in the Adelaide Hills and is a popular tourist attraction. The Mount Torrens lookout gives you a panoramic view of the surrounding area, which is a great place to watch the sunset or have a picnic. It is also a popular location for paragliding and hang gliding. The Mount Torrens is a great place for outdoor activities. Mount Torrens is a hill in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia and is surrounded by the suburbs of Mount Torrens, Torrens Park, Hackham, Crafers West and Woodside. The surrounding area is a popular destination for bushwalking and hiking with the Adelaide city centre only a short distance away. An adventure playground is situated in Torrens Park, along with a public tennis court.

Mount Torrens is located in the Adelaide Hills region in the South Australian state capital of Adelaide. The mountain is situated approximately 6km north-east of the Adelaide city centre, and is a prominent landmark of the city’s skyline. Mount Torrens is a dormant volcano, and is surrounded by the suburbs of Crafers West, Crafers and Torrens Park.

Originally known by the Kaurna name of Warrawilta, the mountain was also known as Mount Crawford in the 19th Century after Governor George Grey, and as Mount Torrens during the early 20th century. The name of Torrens appeared in the early maps drawn by Colonel Light who, as a surveyor. A prominent landform in the northern Lake Eyre Basin in South Australia, Mount Torrens is an eroded calcrete plateau that is part of the larger geological formation known as the Stony Rise. Approximately one thousand metres (3,300 ft) in height, this plateau is part of the South Australian Escarpment that extends from the Spencer Gulf in the south to Kangaroo Island in the north. The plateau consists of a layer of calcrete that was formed by the chemical precipitation of calcium carbonate in a shallow marine environment during the tertiary period
Mount Torrens is a mountain in the Australian state of South Australia located in the locality of Parachilna in the Flinders Ranges about 85 km north-northwest of the state capital of Adelaide and about 50 km east of the town of Quorn. The name Torrens was applied to the ranges by the explorer Edward John Eyre who named it in honor of Governor John Hindmarsh. Hindmarsh River on Eyre Peninsula is also named after him. The mountain is the site of a low frequency radio telescope operated by the CSIRO.

It is a small town in South Australia that is located 120km from Adelaide and just 2km from the Victorian border. Mount Torrens is one of the northern suburbs of the Adelaide area and is surrounded by the Northern Agricultural Region. It is part of the Wakefield Regional Council. Mount Torrens is very close to the Northern Flinders Ranges and the Strzelecki Ranges.

That’s true! Mount Torrens is a very important place for the South Australian state, especially for the people of Adelaide. There are many reasons why, and one of them is the fact that Mount Torrens is a very popular place for the tourism. Mount Torrens, South Australia, is a mountain range in the northern Flinders Ranges. It has an altitude of 1,600 metres (5,200 ft). Mount Torrens is a prominent landmark in the southern Flinders Ranges, along with nearby summits.

The Flinders Ranges is a large horseshoe-shaped geological feature located in South Australia, extending approximately 300 kilometres (190 mi) north-south and 200 kilometres (120 mi) east-west. It is composed of various types of Precambrian to Palaeozoic rocks, including metamorphics, quartzite, schists, granite plutons and dolerite.

Mount Torrens is a South Australian town that is located about 8 kilometres ENE of the Adelaide city centre. The name of the town was derived from the nearby Mount Torrens, whose name was given in 1839 by Colonel William Light, the first Surveyor-General of South Australia. The town is also known as Torrensville and lies at the mouth of the Torrens River, whose Aboriginal name was “Berndt”.

The town was established in 1865 as a private subdivision. The surrounding areas include the suburbs of Gepps Cross, Torrensville, Underdale, and Osborne.