Forest RangeĀ 


Forest Range is a suburb in the Adelaide Hills state of South Australia, located 20 km north-east of Adelaide. It is deeper within the Adelaide Hills than the neighbouring suburbs of Aldgate, Greenwith and Mount Barker but is closer to the rapidly expanding growth areas of Woodside and Black Forest. Forest Range has approximately 1,500 residents and is its northernmost suburb, stretching from Forest Road in the west to the Adelaide Hills Highway in the east. Forest Range has a community hall, primary school, a small number of residences and a business zoned area. It has a railway line running through a portion of its south-eastern boundary, which provides access to both Aldgate and the Adelaide Hills. Forest Range has a wetland reserve and parklands on its southern boundary, and is traversed by Adelaide Hills walking trails.

It is a popular holiday spot in the Adelaide Hills. Local businesses in Forest Range include the Forest Range Store, the Forest Range Tavern, the Forest Range Cafe, the Forest Range Bakery and many more. You can take a day trip to Forest Range from Adelaide or visit it as part of a longer tour to see the Barossa Valley or the Clare Valley.

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Forest Range is a small town in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, a small town with a population of approx 500 people. Each year some of the locals organise a small event, a “fun day” and fair on the first Sunday in December. This year the event was held on the 20th of December.

The name ‘Forest Range’ is derived from the forested area which originally covered the area. There are a number of forest reserves still within the Forest Range boundaries and they are managed by the Adelaide Hills Council. The forested area has now been reduced to a few remnant patches, mainly along the Waterhouse, Birdwood and Anstey Hill roads and in the area known as The Gorge in the eastern part of the suburb. The Forest Range is a hilly area with well-developed roads. The major roads are mostly named after famous figures and botanists, with the exception of the main arterial roads in and out of the area. These are mainly numbered.

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There are hundreds of different types of trees in the forest range or Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Each type of tree has its own unique characteristic and contributes significantly to the ecology of the forest. The most common types of trees found in the forest include; Acacias – Acacias are tall, slender trees belonging to the legume family. Acacias are well known for their spectacular displays of flowers during spring. The flowers of some species of Acacia are yellow, pink, orange or red in color. Such Acacias are commonly referred to as wattles.