Aristaeus Farms


The Aristaeus Farms is Adelaide’s most established, premium, whole food cafe and restaurant. Located on a farm in the Adelaide Hills, the Aristaeus Farms offers farm-fresh produce prepared and cooked on site. The menu offers seasonal ingredients sourced from farmers in the Adelaide Hills region. The Aristaeus Farms is fully licensed and BYO. Aristaeus Farms in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia is home to a few alpacas as well as emus, goats, sheep, and horses. The farm first opened its doors to the public in 1983 and has developed a reputation as a premier destination for tourists, as well as families, schools, and community groups. The farm’s founder, John Cook, and his family have dedicated their lives to caring for their animals, and it shows. The animals at Aristaues are well cared for, and thrive in their natural environment.

Varieties in Aristaeus Farms in Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Australia. They have a wide range of awesome farm products which you can buy in the farm shop or online. They have a range of agricultural products, farm clothing and products and pet products. They also have a barbecue and picnic area where you can relax or have your family or friends gather.

A visit to Aristaeus Farms in the Adelaide Hills takes you back to a time when the orchards of the Adelaide Hills were among the most productive in the world. Today, there are many heritage fruit trees still standing on the property, some of which are more than 150 years old. Visiting this farm during the harvest months of July – November is an opportunity to experience firsthand what life would have been like for the family who lived here over a century ago.

We are a permaculture farm and homestead located in the Adelaide Hills. Our farming practices are based on the ethics of a systems approach to working with the land and it’s inhabitants. By embracing the natural systems we restore health and fertility to the land, reconnecting it with the cycles of the solar system and the rhythms of the seasons. We have a hard working community of animals, plants and people that form a harmonious whole.

Our produce is grown on the farm and is then sold directly to the public through a weekly stall at Marion Farmers Market, Adelaide Hills Farmers Market and at other Farmers Markets around the Hills. We also deliver produce to many of the local restaurants, cafes and B & B’s.
We grow a huge range of produce from all of the usual suspects such as fruit and vegetables, herbs and flowers to a variety of unusual vegies such as the popular Dandelion, Miner’s Lettuce, Lemon Aspen and the beautiful and delicious Chinese Artichoke.

Our farming methods are a part of the local community and we care for the land for future generations to enjoy. With sustainable farming practices, and no use of GM seeds or chemicals, we pride ourselves on being able to cater for the needs of all our local community members, restaurants and cafes. Our farm has been around for over 60 years. It was first owned by one of South Australia’s leading vignerons, John Calvert. The farm was then bought by the current owners and was run as a cattle farm until the early 2000s when the owners decided to develop it into a vineyard. Initially, they were producing small quantities of fruit to make their own wine, but they soon realised that by selling their fruit to other winemakers would be more profitable. Since then, they have focused on growing and selling premium cool climate fruit to winemakers all over the world.